Back to schoolwork

After two weeks of Christmas vacation, there were vocal protests when we returned to our studies this morning.

Even with the view.


We have a few more days in Australia, with a bit more visiting friends, and a bit more beach. We are, however, getting ready for our next stretch through South America.

We started with Spanish lessons. We are reviewing with Salsa, a free online streaming video from GPB, just for lower elementary kids.

We are also reviewing geography. These are a few of our reading books this week:



We are loving the Lonely Planet Not For Parents book! Though I have had a peek.


A Summer Christmas in Sydney

Summer Vacation! We are taking a Christmas break from schoolwork and sightseeing. We haven’t stopped reading, however, and here are a few of our books this week:



We are also planning some gingerbread construction this week. Our village is all ready for assembly


Christmas in Sydney


Our Balcony



We will be back online in the New Year!