La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Sitting at the base of the Arenal volcano, the town of La Fortuna overlooks a pleasant plaza with a garden of tropical flowers.  At the far end of the plaza, the church, a recent construction completed after the 1968 eruption, dominates the town center, throwing shadows on the central fountain.

Surrounding the plaza are a variety of cafes, souvenir shops and convenience stores to serve the tourists and backpackers staying in the many hotels and hostels a bit further out from the center of town.
It is Grandma’s birthday, and Boy had written a postcard, so our first stop in town was the post office to buy stamps.  We practiced a bit while we stood in line, but Boy was quite pleased to ask the lady at the post office in Spanish for “2 international stamps, please,” and then to pay, all by himself.  We dropped the postcard in the mail before we left the office.

Next it was off to find a bank. The first ATM we found was local only and not linked into the international ATM system, but a few blocks further, the second bank had an international ATM able to give withdrawals in either Costa Rican Colones or US Dollars.  This was a difficult choice for us, as we generally prefer local currency and used Colones in San Jose.  However, most places in La Fortuna cater to tourists and accepted both currencies.  Some businesses, like the taxis, even preferred US dollars in payment.  We split the difference and withdrew some of each.

We enjoyed a break at a coffee shop, before peeking in the church. Boy added another keychain to his backpack. With one from each country we visit, you can now hear the jingling as he walks.

As it sits so close to the volcano, the town is surrounded by a number of Aguas Termales, or hot springs.  We have enjoyed hot springs in the US, New Zealand, and in Argentina, so we were keen to try the ones in Costa Rica.

With more than a half dozen to choose from, we decided to skip the most expensive and secluded hot springs, advertising quieter, relaxing spa atmospheres, and instead went for the family friendly Baldi Hot Springs.  In addition to 25 pools of varying temperature, Baldi had a kids water playground and 4 warm water, water slides.  We spent an entire day trying out the pools.  Boy’s favorite was the Roman Baths, while Dad preferred the swim up sports bar.

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