Hot in Dallas, Texas

Arriving in Texas during August, the hottest time of the year, with temperatures well over 100 F/40 C, we started with some indoor fun.
Our first stop was Legoland Discovery Center, at Grapevine Mills Mall.  We had visited Lego Discovery Centers in other cities, and Boy loved the rides and building areas.  The Dallas one had all this, plus an outdoor water playground, where children could splash, climb and build with oversized Lego bricks in the water.  So, I guess we did go outside after all.


Later, we headed to downtown Dallas to check out the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.
On the way in, we stopped at the musical garden to play a few notes and play leap frog over the child sized beasts.


No surprise here, the museum has a large geological section and exhibit on oil and gas, so important to the local economy.  

Boy loved the exhibit on the creation of the universe, as well as all the dinosaurs.  We spent hours playing with the robots in the hands on technology section, and we found a few books for the reading list.



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