Exploring with Lewis and Clark in Nebraska

We found ourselves passing through Nebraska on our way to Missouri for a visit with friends.  This took us through the Missouri River Basin, site of the Nebraska City Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trails and Vistor Center.   The center focuses on the naturalist reports and specimens collected by Lewis and Clark during their explorations.  Models of the river boat and tents used by the explorers and full size examples of the animals and plants they collected are displayed.  On a tight schedule, we weren’t able to hike the trails, but did spend some time checking out the museum at the visitor center.  A children’s trail through the exhibits led to punch card stations.  A completed punch card meant you were eligible to receive an embossing of the Jefferson Peace Medal, carried as a gift by the famous explorers for Native American tribes they met along the way.


There was also a child sized prairie dog town, where children could climb through tunnels and pop up out of prairie dog holes.


A copy of the boat used by the explorers on the Missouri River


The Visitors Center


Thankfully, they also had a map made by Lewis and Clark.  We were able to check where we were.  Hope we can make it to Kanzas!

Boy did some reading about the explorers’ path.



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