Something stuck in his brain!

After a year of our road schooling adventure, we know Boy has been exposed to a great deal of world art, literature, history, and architecture, though it can sometimes be difficult to know how much of it has embedded itself in his brain.  We had an amusing weekend, however, that showed just how much he has absorbed during our travels.

We crossed the mountains to Denver to attend the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a family outing we have done in other places in other years with Boy and always enjoyed.  He was determined to watch the jousting and buy a toy weapon to add to his collection.  We did both.


It was his side comments throughout the day that were more telling of what he has learned through the year.  

“Nachos!  That isn’t food from the Renaissance.”

“That painting is Medieval, not Renaissance.  Don’t they know?” This said with all the disdain a tween can muster.

“The band is not playing Renaissance music, they are playing modern music with old time instruments.”

“No, I am NOT riding that camel! It is a Dromedary with one hump, I can only ride a camel with a two hump saddle.”

When told his axe made him look like a Viking, “Vikings were before the Renaissance.”

Of course, he was unphased by the numerous dragons, fairies and steampunk costumes wandering the fair, but at least we got something to stick from our travels this year.

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