Continental Divide

It is late June, and now that most of the snow has finally melted, Trail Ridge Road is open through Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado.  The highest continuous paved road in the USA, Trail Ridge Road goes over the mountains and through the park.  Started in 1925 for early automobile traffic, the road winds through forest and alpine tundra, above the tree line, as it crosses the National Park.

Driving slowly, we saw abundant elk, a few moose, and hordes of other tourists on the weekday we were there.

At the highest point on the road, the Alpine Visitor Center boasts patches of snow, fields of wild flowers, and a coffee shop with sweeping views.  Despite the summer date on the calendar, it still felt chilly.  We enjoyed the hot chocolate and apple cider in the coffee shop when the wind blew.


Leaving the visitor center, and descending in altitude, we crossed Milner’s Pass, the Continental Divide.  Boy straddled the divide and declared it almost as fun as the equator.

This was our reading for the day:

Now, for some warm summer weather!


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