Prairies, rocks, arrowheads, and snakes?!

 Past Amarillo, we entered the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, the only national monument in TX, according to the website.  Source of the flint used by Native Americans from paleoindian times, this rock is common to the Clovis tradition, some of the earliest stone tools in North America.  This should come as no great surprise, as the site is close to Clovis, NM, where these tools were first identified.

This fellow met us at the museum.

We checked out the film, rock samples, and stone tools in the museum.  Boy began work on another Jr Ranger Badge and we all enjoyed a long talk and demonstration by the flint knapper, making modern stone tools using the old methods.  His chat took us through thousands of years of Stone Age innovation and weaponry.


Our books for the drive:

Leaving the site, we crossed from Texas to New Mexico. Where we were greeted by this sign at the rest stop.

Despite the warning, we experienced no snake attacks in the state.


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