Summer is Here!  And we study outer space

With the end of May, we wrapped up the third grade for Boy.  It has been quite a ride, but we are looking forward to a summer break.  We are putting away the math book and journal writing for a few weeks.  He is signed up for the library’s summer reading program, and we have a few summer camps planned, along with some short trips, but it is the end of our daily studies, for now.

Our last road school day of the school year found us on the road!  We headed to Denver, CO.  Our destination – the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for Space Day.  This free community event, was full of space themed family activities, like building a compressed air rocket, finding hidden pictures in satellite images, building (and dropping without breaking) a lunar lander, and viewing sun spots through solar telescopes.  Boy also completed a museum scavenger hunt to win a space themed book to read.  A terrific wrap up to our road school adventures this year. 


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