Gold in the Colorado Hills

Across the Berthoud Pass, we entered the town of Idaho Springs, CO, where the first gold in Colorado was found.  We visited the Argo Gold Mine, where after the tour, Boy even had a chance to pan for gold flakes.

The Argo Gold Mine


Waterwheel Park in Idaho Springs 


A Mine Cart


Our reading this week was on, what else, the gold rush!  Our schoolbooks:


Back across the mountains, we returned to Grand County, continuing on to Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, site of the Pioneer Village Museum.  We enjoyed climbing on the old ski train caboose and wandering through the 19th century town buildings.


Grand County Pioneer Village


With just a few days left till our summer break, we made one more stop at the Rocky Mountan National Park for a hike and some wildlife observation.  Boy chose an earthworm in a rain puddle as the wildlife he wanted to watch and write about.  He had no interest in deer, elk, birds, or fish.  At least, he wrote enthusiastically about the worm.


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