Rocky Mountains, time for SNOW

The spring snowstorm started while we were in Cheyenne, Wyoming, resting after our visit to Mount Rushmore.    After a year of following the sun, Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere and back, we were heading into the mountains for some snow.  Through Denver, Colorado, we entered the Rocky Mountains and crossed the continental divide. Our next destination?  Winter Park, Colorado.

We are planning a longer stay in Colorado than usual.  Rather than a week or two, we are settling into an apartment for a three month stay, while we plan our next adventure.  To start off, however, we arrived just in time for the last week of ski season.  It was snowing when we arrived, and the weather continued through the weekend.  Boy made snowmen and threw snowballs for hours.  Eventually, we got ourselves out to a nearby ski resort, where Boy tried his hand (feet?) at snowboarding, and we all went for a snowshoe hike.  We were glad we had spent so long in the Andes, last month, as it hasn’t been too hard to get used to the altitude.  The cold, however, is taking some adjustment.


Back at the apartment, while the snow came down, we drank hot chocolate, stocked up on books at the local library, built Legos, and made snowman cookies.

Last week, while we drove through South Dakota, Boy studied the Native Americans of the Great Plains.  This week we are studying tribes from other regions of the USA and Canada.  Here are our schoolbooks:



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