Through the Wilderness with Daniel Boone

We bought a car in North Carolina, though not something that would fit in at the nearby NASCAR museum. Our, more practical, station wagon was quickly filled with luggage and gifts as we left the grandparents home in South Carolina, after Easter weekend.  

Restarting our travels with an American roadtrip, we passed through Tennesee and Kentucky, crossing the mountains, on the way to Missouri.  Boy read books on Daniel Boone, for our planned stop at the Daniel Boone home and museum, just outside of Saint Louis.  Flash flooding and torrential rain made us turn back, however, when less than a mile from the Daniel Boone museum, the road was underwater.

Our other schoolwork this week was a bit more modern.  We completed a unit study on computer programming and typing skills.  Starting with a series of Hopscotch programming challenges, Boy eventually worked up to coding a game with the MIT Scratch online program.

One of our books:


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