Nazca, Peru

The lines!

We organized a driver to pick us up from our apartment in Lima to drive us to Nazca. The 450 km journey takes about 5 1/2 hours, so we left at 5 AM. The route took us through Pisco, of the famed liquor, used in the Pisco sour.
The towns, traffic, and desert along the way reminded us of our travels in Rajasthan, India, right down to the tuk tuks.

Arriving at the Nasca airport at 11:30, we met our pilots and boarded the Cessna C206. We each had a map of the lines and a camera ready to go for the 30 minute fly over. Once boarded, Boy decided he would prefer a big jet plane to the little propeller aircraft and spent the flight in Mom’s lap with his eyes closed. Mom and Dad enjoyed the flight anyway, snapping pictures and trying to spot the figures. After a quick lunch, we climbed an observation tower alongside the highway for a final look at the lines before heading back to Lima. It was well after dark when we returned, tired and ready for sleep.

The Nazca Lines

Astronaut and Hummingbird



The flight





Our reading material



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