Game Time

Waiting, at airports, train stations, immigration lines, and even in traffic has taken up a good amount of our time this year. We have also had rainy days and evenings where the only tv shows are in a language we don’t understand. Stacks of board games are sitting in our storage unit, waiting for the day we return, but are out of reach while we travel

A handful of travel games have made it into our luggage, and a few have become family favorites.


Uno is a regular on the days we don’t want to work too hard. Rory’s Story Cubes have left us rolling on the floor, laughing, as we work together to make up the silliest stories. Hanabi is a surprisingly challenging cooperative game, where we, all three, must work together to make the most spectacular fireworks display, we have been getting better at this as our year continues. Word Spin, Farkle, and LCR live in Boy’s backpack and occasionally make the rotation. We just added the Settlers of Catan dice game and hope to try that one a few more times.


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