Movies Around The World

We have been enjoying some internationally themed family movies while we travel. Occasionally, we have needed a quiet evening in after a long day, or had time to fill during long waits for planes and trains.

Chosen for entertainment, not educational value, our family movies are loosely themed by location and have to be something we can all enjoy together. This means no toy themed, or strictly children’s programs, but rather something adults and children can both appreciate. Our choices are G and PG, with nothing too scary, as Boy isn’t a fan of fright.

A few of our favorites follow, but not a complete list. Some are from iTunes and some borrowed from our home town library through Hoopla. If you have any suggestions for future movies, please give us a note in the comments!

Horrible Histories
Dr. Who
Disney’s Sword in the Stone
Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Disney’s Robin Hood
Robin Hood with Errol Flynn

Disney’s Hercules
Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame
Disney’s Ratatouille
Hans Christian Anderson, with Danny Kaye
Court Jester, with Danny Kaye
Princess Bride
Mamma Mia

The King and I

Disney’s The Jungle Book
Rikki Tikki Tavi, by Chuck Jones
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Disney’s Tarzan

South America
Rio & Rio 2
The Emperor’s New Groove

North America
Liberty’s Kids
Disney’s Cars

General Travel
Disney’s Cars 2
Doctor Dolittle, with Rex Harrison

Disney’s Finding Nemo


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