And the chores

You might think international travel is quite glamorous. The reality is less so. As we each have about a week’s worth of clothing, we have to find a way each week to do laundry.

When we are able to rent apartments, we usually have a washing machine and clothesline, and once in a great while a clothes dryer. Occasionally, we spend time in the local laundromat. In other places, we have had to wash in the sink or bathtub with a bar of soap, hanging clothes on every available surface to dry. Jeans are the worst to hand wash and line dry. It can take several days in some climates before the jeans are dry enough to wear.

Grocery shopping is another chore that never goes away. As we try to eat inexpensively whenever we can, that means cooking or at least making sandwiches, daily. The trip to the shops is another task that we have to take care of several times a week. Finding appropriate ingredients in a language you don’t read, leads to some interesting dinners. Fish paste sandwich, anyone? How about some chips/crisps, they may be spicy, or they may be seaweed flavor, we just don’t know. The laundry detergent? Maybe it is detergent, or, it could be fabric softener. Either way, the clothes will smell better .IMG_0226.JPG

2 thoughts on “And the chores

  1. Yes! It never feels like vacation when you are cooking and doing laundry. I enjoy checking out grocery stores and little markets everywhere we go, and I admit that sometimes the whole experience makes me long for the easy life at home, where I don’t struggle to read and communicate.

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