We’ve been asked, often, about how we packed for this trip. Our trip is planned to cover the spring and summer seasons in both hemispheres. We started with summer in North America and Europe, spent springtime in Africa, early autumn in China and India, and then summer in Australia and South America.

This simplified packing, as we could skip the heavy winter wear. We did hit some cool weather in Scandinavia, the Alps, and on Safari in Africa, so we each have a sweatshirt (jumper) and windbreaker for cooler weather.

We each have a roller suitcase and a backpack. Inside, each of us has about a week of summer clothes, swimsuit, pajamas, two pairs of long pants and two long sleeved shirts. In addition, I (Mom) have a scarf, sundress and a long skirt for those times when ladies in slacks just won’t do. We all have sandals and sneakers/walking shoes. I also have a basic foldable ballet slipper to wear with the skirt.

In our backpacks, we all have our “must have” personal items. This includes electronics, vital paperwork, books, and any other small items we couldn’t live without. This varies. Mine, at the moment, is mostly our schoolbooks and my personal electronics. Boy has Legos, Pokemon cards, pencils, and stuffed animals.


The full set of bags


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