In Hong Kong, We Visit the Mouse

Throughout our travels, we have tried to involve Boy. At each of our stops, we have encouraged him to choose one or two of our activities. While he enjoys many of our outings, he has been very reluctant to choose any of his own. Even those places he has chosen, like aquariums, beaches, and kids play areas, haven’t really gotten him excited.

As a rule, we have been letting him choose from colorful brochures and our travel guides when we do our planning. In Hong Kong, we didn’t have to do that. He found one all on his own, and though it wasn’t the stop we would have chosen, all worked out in the end.

On the flight from South Africa, there was an onboard movie system. Before each of the movies played, a short commercial ran. I knew we were in for it when I heard his breathless voice, “Mommy, Mommy, did you know there was a Hong Kong Disneyland?!” My quiet, “oh really?” led to several minutes of awed play by play of the commercial, which he watched several times.

We looked into it, and discovered that it was quite reasonable in price for a Disney park, around half the cost of the U.S. and European park tickets. While smaller in size, we found it was also less crowded than the U.S. parks, with wait times for rides rarely stretching more than 15 minutes. The entire park was clean, had lots of room, and no mobs of pedestrians, like we have been facing everywhere else in town. Public transport will take you right to the park. Disney even runs its own mouse themed subway train.


The food, mostly Asian, was also moderately priced, so the day was not the budget killer we worried it might be. While we might have been disappointed if this had been the purpose of our Hong Kong trip, as a family day out, it was quite pleasant.



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