Hong Kong to Kowloon

From South Africa, we flew overnight, arriving in Hong Kong just before breakfast. The sun was bright as we saw it rise from the airplane windows, but somewhat dimmed on the ground by the haze of pollution hanging over the harbour. The Airport express train took us right to Hong Kong Central station, where we met our host to pick up our apartment keys. Our apartment for the week is in the North Point area, near a busy shopping street.

After cleaning up and dropping our luggage, we were off to glimpse the sunshine and beat jet lag. We find pushing ourselves out for an active afternoon, makes the recovery so much faster. Lunch at a dumpling shop gave us the energy to continue. A train took us back to Hong Kong Central, where we walked through an upscale shopping mall and across a pedestrian bridge to the Star Ferry, which has been operating in Hong Kong for over a hundred years. We sailed across to Kowloon and took a walk to the historic Peninsula Hotel, stopping in the lobby for a very British afternoon tea.

Crossing the equator from South Africa to China has taken us back from Spring to Autumn, and we were surprised by how early the sun began to set. Before the time we returned to Hong Kong Island on the ferry, the sun was already low in the sky. We made it back to the apartment by dusk, and were pleased we saw the darkness before sleep overtook us.

Our books this week:

The ferry terminal


So many apartments




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