Where Two Oceans Meet

Off the Cape of Good Hope the Indian and Atlantic oceans come together with crashing waves and fog. Braving the elements, like the Portugese explorers and navigators, we have been reading about, we parked the car at the Cape of Good Hope and hiked to the Cape Point Lighthouse, surprised on the way by an Ostrich at the beach.


Nearby, at Simon’s Town, we met the African Penguins at Boulders Beach and did some whale watching (though not whale spotting). While it is a bit cool for swimming, we have spent several days this week exploring the tidal pools and studying sea life. Boy, though reluctant, even managed to write a short report on penguins.



Our field guides for the tidal pools


A stop at the Scratch Patch was a winner as well. A walk through an old mine and beautiful rock shop was connected to an outdoor garden, filled with millions of small polished stones. For a few Rand, each child received a small plastic bag, and spent as much time as they liked choosing the best ones to collect and keep, as many as will fit into the bag. Of course, we got a copy of the identification guide, and identified the type and origin of each of our stones.




We have enjoyed our beach week in South Africa and the time to rest. Now, we are full into planning the upcoming legs of our travel and the next part of the adventure.

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