Madrid, a second visit

With the summer coming to an end, we entered Spain for our final European stop, before our visas expired. We found flights to Madrid far cheaper than the train, but struggled finding a place to sleep, as the city was full for the World Cup of Basketball. We managed to find a small apartment right on the Plaza del Sol in the city center. While well located for getting around the city, the location right on the main plaza, in a city where dinner restaurants often don’t begin serving until 9PM and the parties go all night, has meant an adjustment to our daily routine.

We are doing our best to join the stay out late and take an afternoon siesta crowd, but have yet to make it to dinner after 8:30 PM, sticking mostly to snacks and tapas.

We have enjoyed the excitement of the basketball World Cup, and were excited to come across the NBA House, basketball experience, just a few blocks from our apartment.



We are studying Spanish exploration of the New World and taking the time to catch up on spelling and science, topics that have not gotten as much attention during our European history tour.



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