A birds eye view

Up the Eiffel Tower and through Notre Dame, we continued our explorations of Paris.

Lunch at the cafe on the 1st level of the Eiffel Tower was a hit with both Boy and grandparents, though neither was keen on climbing the bell tower at Notre Dame. Booking online was the way to go for the Eiffel Tower, without online booking, we would have had another long line to stand in.

After the Tower, we said goodbye to the grandparents, and prepared for a couple more days in the city of lights visiting friends with kids.

Boy is studying art and the French Revolution this week. We’ve been reading about art and architecture in cathedrals, like Notre Dame. Prepping for our visit to the Musee D’Orsey, with a huge collection of French impressionist and post-impressionist painters, we are also reading up on Monet and Van Gogh. We will wrap up the week with a visit to the Place de la Bastille, and some reading on the French Revolution and the guillotine.

Our art books


Notre Dame / Eiffel Tower / Shakespeare and Co. Books





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