Hunting Through the Louvre

We planned a full day to experience the Louvre while we were in Paris. As we had a multigenerational group, with Boy, parents, and grandparents, we decided to start off with a highlights tour and headed there straight after breakfast.

We booked a Family Scavenger Hunt through
Paris Muse and had a great time.

Our guide met us outside the museum and took us on a 2 hour hunt through the museum. Boy had to look at selected pieces of art, answer questions about the items, and solve a puzzle to claim a treasure at the end of the tour. The art he had to find, just happened to be the things the adults wanted to see, too (Hammurabi’s Code, the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa, and a number of other pieces). We were thrilled with the activity, and didn’t even mind the crowds around us.

After our guided hunt, we grabbed some lunch in the museum cafe and then headed back in on our own for a look at some galleries we didn’t have time to see on the highlights tour. The crowds, which were somewhat lighter at midday, began to increase in the afternoon, so we wrapped up and returned to the hotel for a rest and some reading time.

Our book finds at the museum shop:


The Louvre




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