Sun King Splendor On A Hazy Day

Grandma’s first stop to show Boy in Paris was the Palace of Versailles. We loaded up the family in a van for a guided tour of the palace.

Unimpressed by the size of the palace, Boy was far more interested in determining if the gold on the entrance gates was solid gold, or merely gold leaf, covering a more basic metal. He decided that it couldn’t be solid gold, as he had recently read that the entire world supply of gold, if melted down, would fit into a football field with room left over. Therefore, he reasoned, the gates to Versailles could not possibly be anything but gold leaf. As such, he then dismissed the entire palace of the Sun King, as less than impressive, as it’s just gold leaf. The adults were more forgiving, especially as the gold leaf covered every visible surface.

Boy’s interest remained unmoved, till he heard about the French Revolution, and the beheadings that went along with it. Blood was far more exciting than gold.

Our reading for the day:

The Palace


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