Medieval Times in France

From Barcelona, we travelled by train to Southern France, to spend some time visiting with friends who live in the area. The friends have twins, just a bit older than Boy, so he was thrilled to have playmates, again.

Not neglecting our schoolwork, we spent our train ride reviewing the French lessons we took before we left on the trip. Our French books:


After all the running, jumping, and video games the parents could stand in the house, we dragged the boys to the medieval city of Carcassonne. The main walled city and castle dates from the 12th century, with parts of a Roman wall and earlier settlement, included. The boys were happy to move their running and climbing to the towers and battlements, when we arrived. They found the arrow slots, portcullis, medieval weaponry, and armour most enthralling. A few braver members of the party checked out the museum of torture and the museum of the Inquisition, as well. Our schoolwork reading topic? Knights and Castles, of course.


The towers at Carcassonne:




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