On the train again

We have spent a number of days on trains this month, traveling through Europe. Generally easy, we have found plenty of space for luggage, less security hassles than airports, and plenty of room. We have chosen tourist (second) class tickets and found that quite sufficient in all cases in Europe. We were surprised, however, that we could often fly between cities for less than we could go by train. We were also surprised that buying individual tickets was far more cost effective for us than the Rail Pass that was heavily promoted to overseas tourists. The Rail Pass assumes first class travel at the highest fares, something we have avoided. Nonetheless, we have taken a few trains, especially when we found a book ahead deal.

Our train reading:



2 thoughts on “On the train again

  1. We were thinking about train travel recently as well! We were not on a train, just in a beautiful station. So we got to thinking about luxury train travel trends globally. You can find it here. http://wp.me/p3wV0m-tj

    We were surprised to read that the Eurail pass pricing was more expensive! This certainly was not the case when we were younger and it is good to know, but disappointing. We do remember from our expat days in Europe a few years ago that train travel was shockingly expensive in addition to being time consuming. We were not in the market for Eurail passes at the time, and we assumed this would be more economical but apparently from your post this is not correct. Go figure. The maglev and high speed trains no doubt will be even more expensive as infrastructure is upgraded in Europe. Ironic, no?

    Despite the price, did you enjoy the train travel experience?

    PS — love the activity book. We would also recommend the entire Thomas the Tank Engine series for the young (e.g., age 2-6) set. Enjoy!

    • Certainly explore the Eurail pass, it may work for your travels, but yes, when we added up the cost of buying individual tickets for each of our stops (2nd class) it was quite a bit less than the equivalent pass.

      Train was easy, and we found it convenient, but yes, in comparison, flights were often cheaper, so we find ourselves flying more than we had originally thought we would. We would recommend at least one or two trains when traveling with kids, Boy really liked going to the cafeteria car and walking between carriages.

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