On to Greece

Flying out of Venice, the weather cleared and we didn’t expect any trouble on the way to Athens, but the flight was delayed anyway. Next, the luggage claim was slow and extremely crowded, and Dad’s bag was the last one off the plane. Dad also realized that while waiting for his bag, someone in the crowd grabbed his wallet.

We had been very careful of pickpockets in all the tourist stops in Italy, and hadn’t had any troubles. However, while waiting for bags, he had slipped the wallet into his back pocket by habit. Thankfully, the credit cards and IDs were elsewhere, but the wallet had a bit of cash.

Trudging through the airport, we caught the metro to our stop, and found the directions to our new apartment were incorrect. Several phone calls and a few wrong turns later, we were finally able to drop the bags, at 10 pm, about 12 hours after we left for a 2 hour flight. Boy’s dinner tonight: two cookies and a Kinder egg. We will regroup and try again at breakfast.


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