Athena, Zeus, and the Olympics

We started our tour of Athens at the Acropolis Museum, a brand new facility at the base of the Acropolis hill. The museum is state of the art, and has empty space left to hold the British Museum’s Elgin marbles, should they ever be returned.

While there, we had a great time completing the family backpack activity kit. This FREE activity, had a matching game, a magnetic create your own picture of Athena game, a gallery guide, and similar to the Munch museum, in Norway, a gallery search. The museum provided a sticker page with images of Athena and a museum map. We had to find each item and place it in the appropriate gallery. As these were complete pictures of artifacts, not close ups, it was much easier to complete than the Munch painting hunt we did in Oslo.


After the museum, we ventured out in the heat to see the Temple of Zeus, on the grounds of ancient Olympia. We followed this up with a visit to the original Olympic stadium. Tired and hot, we returned to the apartment for cool drinks and air conditioning.

Our school books:


Temple of Zeus




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