Stars, medicine, science, and telescopes

The tomb of Galileo 20140722-144257-52977210.jpg
The science of the Rennaissance kept us busy for the day. A stop at the church of Santa Croce, took us to the resting places of Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Dante, and even the more recent Fermi and Marconi. This is prime real estate for famous Italians, though it led to quite some discussion about Galileo’s 1997 pardon and the relative merits of science and religion.

We followed up with the Galileo Museum, a repository of scientific instruments created by Galileo, and his contemporaries. The interactive room had some terrific hands on experiments where you could follow the paths of the planets, trace parabolas, race falling objects down incline planes, and Boy’s favorite: recreate Galileo’s experiments on parabolic arcs, by shooting cannon balls at targets! That was the most exciting science of the day. He was less impressed with the anatomical models and medical school diagrams.

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