Screaming in the rain

We’ve been quite lucky on the weather, so far on the trip, so we knew we were due for a change. Today was the day.

We spent a pleasant morning at the Munch Museum. Known for “The Scream, ” Edvard Munch, painted thousands of other works, and the collection here in Oslo is so huge, they have to change the exhibitions a few times a year, to show it all. The museum had an interesting kids activity. They provided each child with a map of the museum and a sticker page with extreme close ups of eight works of art in the collection. The goal was to identify the paintings that matched the close ups, and place them in the proper rooms of the museum map. We parents tried, too, and it was a challenging assignment. We all managed seven out of eight correctly. After viewing the exhibits, adults and children, both, were encouraged to try their hand at creating or copying a work of art. Today’s school lesson? Art!

Leaving the museum, we headed to the Norwegian Royal Palace. Since we had not pre-purchased entry, we had to turn up early for any remaining open spots on the English language tour. While waiting in the ticket line, the skies began to darken. The ticket seller had a small canopy, but the waiting area was exposed and the downpour began. We were thoroughly soaked by the time we purchased our tickets. The tour guide provided everyone plastic shoe covers, so we wouldn’t drip on the palace floors. The palace was lovely, though smaller than many other European royal residences. We had hopes that the rain would end by the time we left, but luck was not with us today. We hiked back through the rain to the train station and returned to the apartment for towels and dry clothes.



One thought on “Screaming in the rain

  1. Great description of the museum tour! Very interactive. Sorry about the rain, but you seem to have had very good luck up to now.

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