Peace and Sunshine

Spending the summer in the far North has presented some challenges. We arrived in England in mid-June, and then Scandinavia right at the summer equinox, the longest day of the year. Our days have been full of sunlight. The sun rises around 4:30 AM and is setting close to 11:30 PM. On the day of our arrival in Norway, the newspaper reported that we should expect 21 hours of daylight that day. While we have enjoyed the pleasant sunshine and mild temperatures, it is making sleep challenging! Even if we manage to fall asleep at twilight, we are up again when the sun rises. A good set of blackout drapes would really make my day (night?).

As we were out and about today, we went to the Nobel Peace Center. The museum covers the history of the peace prize, Alfred Nobel, and has a feature on every winner since the prize began. The children’s trail through the museum included trading cards of peace prize winners and suggestions on how children can help make the world a more peaceful place.




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