Berlin and Computer Gaming

Arriving from London, we extended our layover to allow a day in Berlin, before continuing on to Copenhagen.

After a leisurely morning at the hotel, we did a quick walk around Berlin, stopping to view the Brandenberg Gate, Reichstag, and Tiergarten. Behind the Brandenberg Gate, a huge street festival was going on, with massive screens showing World Cup matches. We stayed for a pretzel before catching the UBahn (subway) to Boy’s choice of activity. When given free reign for the afternoon, he chose: Computerspielemuseum. The Computer Gaming museum promised an overview of 60 years of computer game history. What this meant in practice was an entire museum of Antique computers and gaming systems, some in viewing cases and more set up so that you could actually play them. This museum was full of fathers, sharing the game of their childhoods with small boys, aged 7-12. Boy and Dad happily spent an hour in the arcade, and longer checking out the exhibits.



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