Not our best day

Our plane was delayed a few hours leaving New York, so our early morning arrival into the UK became a midday arrival. With all the excitement of the electrical issues, Boy decided he wasn’t going to sleep on the plane to London. The Lego Movie was on the video choices, so he watched the film four times in a row, and then fell hard asleep as we were landing.

This meant a tired, cranky child, AND tired cranky adults to get through immigration and customs. Many tears shed.

Boy slept on the train to the city, and then didn’t want to pull his suitcase the last block to the hotel. More tears.

Too tired to do any significant activity, and deterred by the rain, we decided on a bus tour of London after we were fed and washed. This took most of the afternoon, but did keep us up and moving. Unfortunately, we left our small bag with Boy’s raincoat, somewhere on a bus or a restaurant this afternoon. No amount of retracing our steps could find it. More tears.

The biggest tears of the day came later when we unpacked for bed and realized the favorite stuffed animal never got off the airplane.


One thought on “Not our best day

  1. Liam has been reading a book called “Knuffle Bunny Free” by Mo Willems that has such a loss as the central plot point. Don’t know if it would help, but Boy has Liam’s sympathies…

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