Deserts, deserts, and sand

Leaving the Grand Canyon, we headed west again through Arizona. What started as forest, quickly turned again to desert. We continued through the northern tip of the Sonoran desert, called the Colorado, here, and we entered California and the Mojave desert.

From I-10 we followed the main road through the Joshua Tree national park’s southern end, making the ranger station just before closing. Spending the night in Indio, CA, we were reminded just how populous the state has become. The continuous appearance of towns and strip malls every few miles, was a stark contrast to the stretches of emptiness in New Mexico and Arizona.

As morning came, we backtracked a little and hit the main entrance to the national park through Joshua Tree city. Finishing up another Jr. Ranger badge took the morning. After lunch, we finally left the deserts behind and headed for the coast. It was off to San Diego for a baseball game. I couldn’t resist a stop at the Kansas City BBQ joint across from Seaport Village in San Diego. Not only did it remind us of KC, but more importantly, it is the location of the dive bar where the Top Gun movie was filmed.

Not much school today, baseball and ice cream, instead.

Tomorrow the sand will be on a beach, not a desert.


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