Trail’s End. Santa Fe and beyond

After a pleasant visit with our friends in Santa Fe, we made the final stop along the old Santa Fe trail, ending at the Plaza. Checking out the artisans and their jewelry, Boy had his first taste of haggling when he decided he couldn’t pass up a Native American copper bracelet. Several rounds of negotiations, and all his birthday money, got him a well decorated copper and silver bangle.

Leaving Santa Fe, we visited the Petroglyphs National Monument outside of Albuquerque. We LOVE the Junior Ranger programs run by the park service. Boy has completed the Jr Ranger badge at half a dozen parks over the last two years, but the rangers at Petroglyphs National Monument did a spectacular job. Walking the park trails to see the Native American images, Boy had to complete an activity book. He searched for wildlife, identified plants, mapped our route, and drew petroglyphs. Bringing the book back to the visitor center got him a badge, patch, certificate, and swearing in as a Jr Park Ranger. All for free! The rangers were excited to see him, happy to answer questions, and had the Jr Ranger pledge memorized and repeated with enthusiasm. We were thrilled with the price, too. The national monument was free, and parking was just $1.00.

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