We are off! Onwards to Dodge City!

Nothing like a bit of old west fun to start off our travels. We are following the old Santa Fe trail, almost from the start. Leaving Kansas City, we drove west on HWY 50 through the plains. I was tempted to stop at the underground salt mine tour in Hutchinson, KS, but was talked out of it by boy and dad. They said working in the salt mine was no way to begin a world tour.

We continued to Dodge City, KS and an old west gunfight & saloon show at Boot Hill. Boy was beyond excited by the shoutout, and just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, the girls did the Can-Can. He couldn’t believe you could see their underwear! For one who has just finished second grade and is a fan of the Captain Underpants books, this was the silliest thing he could imagine and he couldn’t stop laughing.

There was a wrestling convention in town, so we ran into troubles when the room we reserved online was “broken” and the hotel was sold out, but we finally found a place to sleep and called it a day.

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