So where are you going?

We plan some fast travels through US and Europe during the summer, before slowing down in Africa and Asia

Here’s the working plan:

School gets out May 30, so we leave May 31

Drive to Santa Fe, NM to see some friends

Drive to Grand Canyon, AZ with the grandparents

Drive to LA, sell cars

Fly to NYC to see some friends

Fly to London mid June

Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo

Scout Camp in Munich in July

Rome, Athens, Santorini, with some relatives,  Crete

Madrid, Barcelona, Toulouse to see some friends

Nice with some more relatives, Paris, Madrid, Fly to London mid-September and then on to Johannesburg.

September & October we spend resting in Africa, a short safari and a long stay in CapeTown.

Then off to Hong Kong, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur for another push of sightseeing, followed by a rest in Australia

We will spend 2 months or so in Australia, then a stop in New Zealand, before our South American jaunt.

In the new year, we will be in Chile, Easter Island, Galapagos, Brazil, and Peru.  Finishing where we began, back in LA.





3 thoughts on “So where are you going?

  1. I am so jealous–your trip sounds amazing! I’m going to have to catch up and read about your decision, all your prep work, etc. Maybe, one day, we’ll be able to travel like this. For now, we move around at the whim of the job, and that’s ok, too, because we do get to see so much and experience different places. 🙂

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