He’s not heavy, he’s my suitcase!

Six weeks out and the packing begins.

I spent an afternoon sorting Boy’s summer clothes.  The blowing snow outside the window added an unexpected bit of irony as I sorted the swimsuits and shorts, trying to decide what will still fit the growing child a year from now.  Wrapped, tucked, and sorted, I got his belongings into a medium sized roller, coming in at around 25 pounds.  I’ve left him a backpack to fill with whatever possessions he chooses.  All together, not a bad effort.

My belongings have been less easy.  I have a set of roller suitcases, one large and one that can fit as a carryon.  My goal was to pack, just one bag, leaving my backpack for the electronics and schoolbooks.  My closet clean out took a bit longer than the Boy’s, and was complicated by the fact that our house is on the market, so I have to keep cleaning up and putting everything away as we show the house.  With, everything from the closet spread out on the bed and floor, I tried on, sorted and stacked every bit of summer clothing I own.  Deciding what I can make do with for an entire 10 month trip, through cities, campgrounds, and homes of friends, takes hours.  Pleased with myself, I fit it all in the larger roller bag, weigh it, and JOY!  It is under the airline 50 pound weight limit!  I am feeling quite proud of my packing skill as I put everything remaining back into the closet.

To get the suitcase out of the way, before the next house showing, I roll the bag down the hallway and begin to take it downstairs to the basement. After the first flight of stairs, I am ready to throw out the whole thing.  There is NO WAY I am going to be lugging this bag for the next year through train stations and airports!!!

Back to the drawing board. I think I’ll go have a cup of tea before I try this again.





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