A shot heard round the office

Boy hates shots.  One of his biggest fears about our upcoming world trip was that he would need to get immunizations, so he has begged us to only travel to places that are shot free.  We didn’t listen.

Today we booked in at the local travel clinic with our itinerary and health histories.  Good news all around.  With our past travels and Boy’s recent Kindergarten shots, we were up to date on ALMOST everything.  Dad needed a couple of boosters, but Boy and I only needed one shot each, as we could take the second immunization by mouth.

That one shot was a doozy though.  He did not want any part of it, and I’m sure the entire office building knew it.

After it was all over, the nurse offered him a piece of candy to cheer him up.  Unfortunately, he gave up candy for Lent.  It was not a pleasant ride home.


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