Ticketing – Part 2

This is far more complicated than it needs to be.

Day 3 (continued)

We took a break for a couple hours and called back.  The new ticketing agent still wasn’t able to give us a price on the taxes and fees.  She also couldn’t get us out of Europe before our visa would expire.  Back to the drawing board.

We got online and searched flights to get us back on schedule and called again.  The next agent was able to find us some other flight options, helped us adjust the destination cities, and worked hard for 45 minutes or so.  Then, WAIT!  I’ve lost connection to the air partner in Spain.  I can’t make any more changes.  You will have to call back in an hour, or so.  Oh, and we will only hold this for 24 hours, but it will take us 72 hours to finish calculating and approving the fare price, so the ticket will expire before you can complete the transaction.  AAAAAGH!

We wait the requested hour (till the prior agent’s shift ends?) so the airline partner in Spain can be accessed again and make another try.  The agent we talk to seems overwhelmed when she pulls up the itinerary.  She tells us she is unable to make any changes to the reservation, at all.  Nothing she can do.  Goodbye.

We hang up and call back, hoping to get a different person in the queue.  We do.  The next agent is able to finish making the changes and get us out of Europe before our Visa expires.  It is nearing midnight, and we still have one more ticket to purchase, so we hold the reservation and resolve to finish in the morning.


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