The Outsiders

In preparation for the trip, I’ve been reading up on homeschooling, as the boy will miss most of next school year while we are on the road.  I’ve gotten a few sample homeschool magazines and ebooks.  I joined the local homeschool organization.  Hoping to get some good advice on getting started and organized, I have been reviewing blogs, message boards and Facebook pages with titles like “Planning your first year of homeschooling,”  and “Tips for the new homeschooler.”

What have I learned?  Homeschooling is still driven by a large number of people who do so for religious reasons.

We attend church.  The boy goes to Sunday school.  The Bible is an important book, and any well-educated person should know about it and what says.  However, I am not looking for Bible based math curriculum, or Bible spelling, or Scriptural handwriting, or Bible story reading primers, or Bible times cooking lessons, or Bible art, or Christian PE.  I expected to find Bible based biology and history books when I looked into homeschooling.  I was not prepared for the way that some curriculum providers incorporate Bible studies into all aspects of academic work.

I hit the bookstore and teacher supply store and found some ‘secular’ materials we will be using.  I’ve stocked up on e-books from Scholastic and Amazon, so I think I have all our materials covered.  As research, I am planning to attend a homeschool curriculum fair in April, but I no longer have high hopes for the convention.

Mostly, I’ve been disappointed.  I am confident we will do a good job of covering what we need to with the boy next year.  However, I was hoping for some good solid advice and support from people who have been successfully homeschooling.  Instead, as a person planning to homeschool for non-religious reasons, I feel more of an outsider than before.


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