We’ve tried to involve the boy in our planning and discussion of our Round the World (RTW) trip.  He thought the idea of leaving on a big trip when school got out sounded fun.  Missing some school and having to do schoolwork with Mom & Dad had some appeal.  Quitting violin lessons?  You bet!  With some prompting, he even made a list of places he’d like to visit on the way:

1.  A favorite chocolate shop in Australia (Easy! Check!)

2.  LegoLand (Reasonable request from a Lego fanatic.  Check!)

3.  Ice Fishing (Ummm, do you know that means sitting outside in the cold?  OK.  Check?)

All has been going well so far.  Then this morning, we took a turn for the worse.

“Wait, you mean I’ll miss school all the way till Christmas? What about my friends?!!  What about my toys?!!”


I’m really going to have to sell the visit to that chocolate shop.

One thought on ““I’m NOT GOING!”

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