Because we can.

A confluence of factors drove us to the decision to pack it up and travel the world. The immediate and practical ending of the job that brought us to Kansas City has given us the uncommitted time. The boy is now old enough to keep himself entertained while traveling yet is early enough in his education, that missing a few months of formal school should not hinder his long-term progress. We have some money saved and airline miles banked.

These all led into the ability to pack up and go, but not the reason. We travel, often, and have always enjoyed it. Our long term plan has always included travel when we retire. When the opportunity to do so earlier presented itself, we decided we didn’t want to leave it too late. On our travels, we have watched the retired couples (even the very active ones) struggle to climb into and out of the Zodiac, navigate the narrow stairs inside the pyramids, and negotiate the subway crowds. We want to do it before its a struggle.  We want to experience the world with the boy, while he is still excited to hang out with his parents.  An illness, an injury could prevent us from traveling later.  We don’t want to miss our chance.  Off we go.

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